Monday, 1 March 2010

Sometimes good guys don't wear white...

I've taken today and tomorrow off work for no particular reason and boy is it sweet to be kicking about doing stuff I feel like doing, or not doing anything at all, or doing something I'd forgotten I felt like doing ages ago. Or a something.

It looks almost like spring outside which is an absolute beauty because I'm sick of winter and I'm busy downloading all manner of misc. songs off the Limewire. I started off by trying to find that song off the Skoda advert that sounds like it's an old crooner like Bobby Darin (it isn't Bobby Darin) or someone. Anyway, it turns out it's called 'Bluebird' and is performed by a Welsh guy called Jeff Hooper who won a TV talent show a while ago. It's not on Limewire at the moment, but you can hear it here via the magic of Youtube, or, if you're a Brummie, Yowtyowb.

I like it, but then I always was a total sucker for big silly loud big band numbers wasn't I?

Here's a list of 5 of the best:

(1) Sunday In New York - Bobby Darin (they don't make music videos like they used to. Watch it til the end or you'll miss a polar bear getting on a bus!)
(2) I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra (the crazily good Nelson Riddle arrangement)
(3) The Oldest Established - Frank, Dean Martin & Bing Crosby (from Guys & Dolls, Broadway moosical fans) - I can't find a decent YouTube version, so here's the fat guy singing his song about Rockin' The Boat.
(4) On The Street Where You Live - Vic Damone (old Vic doesn't look any different does he?!)
(5) Jump, Jive 'an Wail - Louis Prima (this is one of the greatest get up and boogie songs of all time ever... "Mama's in the back yard learnin' how to jive an' wail... WOOOOAAH!!")

I also totally LOVE the song currently on the ads for Sky HD, yes, Gene Wilder as THE Willy Wonka (move over Johnny Depp) singing 'Pure Imagination'. Great movie, great songs.

As a perfect contrast to the crooners and schmoozers, I'm also downloading a hefty whack of rip roaring garage rock nuggets, from the likes of The Monks, The Sonics and The Standells (who are behind the very excellent song from which I stole the title to this very blog). They're dead good. And they're spot on, sometimes good guys DON'T wear white. Ain't that the truth!

"You think those guys in white collars are better than I am baby, then FLAKE OFF!"

I've got a few good ideas (non-crooner/garage rocker related) for Kapow cards and stuff so I'm going to work on them now. Here's hoping I remember to do more blogs and Twitterings soon too, because then I'll be able to prove to all of those who've doubted me once and for all that I am indeed dead modern and that!!

I have also done a great deal of laundry today.

Best regards,

Mr K.


  1. Well done Mr. K! Did you manage to plug in yer USB thingle to yer record player doodah?!


  2. You have been the pioneer of modern to me. Wot, with your Myspace backgrounds and slideshows way back in the almost sepia 2006.

    Blogs rock. There is so much to say and share! I have a few pending about stuff wot I likes and stuuf wot gets me mad. Nourishing reading for any mind.

    Rock, rock, rock, rock yer blog.

    x Enid