Monday, 22 March 2010

There will be miracles if you believe...

For my darling wife Konnie Kapow, struck down again this week by some filthy rotten bug or another...


Glasgow Evening Times, 5th November 1925

What Neglect May Lead To...

A great physician once said that half the serious illnesses of the world are caused by self-neglect. If you neglect your health when run-down, you are likely to fall easy victim to disease. This is because your blood is impoverished, and your power of resistance low. Probably your appetite is poor, your digestion faulty, and your nerves weak. You can quickly gain robust health and renewed vigour by taking Dr. Williams' pink pills, for these pills enrich the blood, and so tone up the whole system.

Mrs. H. Smith, of 101 Malt Mill Lane, Blackheath, Birmingham, states:- "About two years ago I became run-down, and the doctor told me my blood was weak, and that I had got into a very low stat of health indeed; he said I had gastritis and anaemia. I suffered severe pains in my stomach, and very little food agreed with me. All the colour went out of my face, and I lost weight. Doctors' medicines seemed to do me no good.

One day a lady advised me to try Dr. Williams' pink pills. By the time I had finished the second box of pills I began to eat better, and did not have to suffer after food as I used to do. I felt brighter, and had more energy. I persevered with Dr. Williams' pink pills and four boxes completed my cure.

Ask your chemist for Dr. Williams' pink pills, 3s 0d box - accept nothing else!


So, there you go then!

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  1. A bit pricey for me. I only earn a shilling a week!