Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Behold, thou Art Fair my love...

Mr. and Mrs. Kapow very much enjoyed donning their poshest frocks for a thoroughly entertaining sashay around the Glasgow Art Fair Private View at the grand marquee in George Square last night.

A highlight for yours Kapowly was the work of Pop Icon artist Simon Dixon, slick, shiny, perfectly rendered cool stuff. I'd like to do some similar bits and bobs myself someday. Apparently the dashing and talented young reggabily musician Paolo Nutini had just bought a couple of pieces of his work just before we worked our way round to that part of the gallery space.

We passed by young Nutini later and he's one of those famous people who seem to have their own personal lighting which makes them sort of glow a bit and totally stand out from the crowd. He's also far titchier than I'd have expected, bless him. Finally, I can confirm (because I overheard him speaking to his chums at the bar) he has a crazy voice, which means I'm allowed to like his music more now, because I always thought he might be putting his singing voice on a bit. Nice work Paolo!

The event was brilliantly staged, the marquee a veritable tardis, humungous on the inside, brilliantly lit and bursting with all sorts of beautiful people... artists, art lovers, their aunties and uncles, a range of brilliantly moustachioed older gentlemen, my sister-in-law's boyfriend's friend who I forgot the name of and thought Mrs. Kapow knew anyway, because these Oban types all seem to know each other somehow, but she didn't and so this resulted in one of those awkward silences and weirdness when he introduced us to his mum and sister, who seemed a bit grumpy, oh I dunno, I've only met him about ten times and they were all on a football pitch really... argh!!, young ladies dolled up in the style of the '50s, a Picasso lookalike in a beret and even Carol Smillie on the hunt for that special something to go above the window in the extension she's just had put in using the money she made from her shoot for last autumn's Edinburgh Woollen Mills catalogue. Nice work if you can get it!

There were a whole host of other great artists from across Europe on show and I'd recommend that if you can get down there for a gander, then DO IT! I even spotted some work by one of my idols, the inimitable Mr. Billy Childish and Mrs. Kapow got me a copy of the little catalogue that came with it. WOO!

Finally, a million, billion thanks again go to Jodie for kindly adding our names to the guest list for last night's event. The Kapow's love you dude!!

Tara for now folks!


If you get a moment, please check these links for details of more Glasgow Art Fair 2010 alumni and art houses... go on, you know you want to!:

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