Monday, 26 October 2009

Mr Kapow's New Range Debuts!

Afternoon Campers!

Just a few lines to let you know that my own first entry to the Konnie Kapow Kards Katalogue has at last been launched. HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!!!!


The range of cards I've come up with are a tip of the hat to perhaps my only vice, Association Football. I do hope you like them and please do whack an order or three in at your leisure. I can produce a select XI for any team you fancy, from Barnet to Barcelona, with legendary players listed, or your very own, your darling other half's, your grandad's, whoever you fancy's names included in the line-up.

You could make a 'DAVE'S ALL-TIME XI F.C. CHRISTMAS TREE', for your friend Dave, starring all his favourite players. Or a 'ROCK & ROLL XI' featuring a mythical team of legendary rock stars, probably managed by Colonel Tom Parker, with Elvis at centre-forward and Chubby Checker in goal.

Text can of course come in the colour scheme of your choosing too, as long as it's not the same colour as the green of the pitch - unless you've created an 'INVISIBLE MAN XI'... It could happen?!!

Once your order has been placed and details confirmed, I, Mr Kapow, will lovingly prepare your card and then blast it toward your doormat faster than a vicious, swerving "Psycho" Stuart Pearce free-kick circa 1987. GOAL!!!!

The examples on show are of suggested All-Star line-ups for the Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs. I'll probably publish a few for other teams in the coming weeks too, so watch this space eh?

*** Before I go I just wanted to state that 'Sharpy', my footy card model has been fined a week's wages and warned as to his future conduct following his nancy-schmancy dive during the photoshoot this morning (see photo above). It won't happen again! ***

With love and wishes that your team shines valiantly wherever they are playing this week!

Mr K x

Click on these chaps below for a bigger, better, more Beardsley-tastic view. Ta ta!

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